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IT security is where we start our support relationships with Article 5 clients. A baseline security profile for your company is developed reflecting the overall digital footprint of company operations. After that, our comprehensive support services are tailored to meet your specific needs with the goal of ensuring seamless operation across all platforms. Those platforms include PCs and Macs, mobile devices, servers, networking, printing, software, Microsoft 365 and relative business solutions. More details on the security page. Our approach is built on the three D’s of consultation, Discuss, Develop and Deliver.

Article 5 offers support in two ways, on-demand support and managed IT support. On-demand support is suitable for smaller operations and sole traders whereas Managed IT support is more suited to larger or more complex operations. Our initial meet and greet consultation is complimentary with a report on recommendations moving forward.

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Instead of regular ongoing support, you can call on us as needed, whether it’s for a specific issue, a technology upgrade or just some expert advice. This arrangement suits smaller operations with a low IT footprint. As a base Article 5 will:

  • Audit your IT footprint and asses needs with recommendations
  • Define a cyber security policy
  • Check your network and router for optimal connection and security
  • Install remote access software for quick assistance
  • Provide security bulletins and recommendations on a regular basis.

Managed IT support offers continuous, proactive monitoring, maintenance, and strategic planning for a flat monthly fee.

  • Audit your IT footprint and asses needs with recommendations
  • Define a cyber security policy
  • Install remote access software for quick assistance
  • Proactive device management and maintenance
  • Proactive security monitoring for networks, devices and users.

You can discover more extensive insights about managed services in the sections below.

The primary distinction between managed IT support and on-demand IT support is that managed IT support delivers ongoing, proactive monitoring, maintenance, and strategic planning at a fixed monthly rate. IT support is more reactive, addressing issues as they occur and invoiced based on per-incident or hourly rates.

Managed IT support covers a wide range of areas to ensure businesses have smooth and efficient IT operations. However, as with security needs, support plans can be mixed and nuanced, influenced by budgets and productivity. Below are key areas of managed IT support, presented with minimal technical jargon. These elements encompass the levels of support managed IT services can provide, ensuring business IT infrastructure runs at optimum efficiency.

Whether you have inquiries, seek advice, or wish to explore how our services can benefit your business, our team is here to assist. Get in touch with Article 5 for more details or to schedule a complimentary consultation and overview of your organizational needs.