Online Store

At Article 5 we are often tasked with supplying new hardware for our clients, be it replacement computers, new monitor keyboards and mice and other peripherals. We identified key areas in the purchasing process that can be frustrating.

  • Many don’t fully understand the technical requirements for given role a computer or monitor plays, example a high performance laptop for travelling engineers.
  • Mainstream retailors don’t match systems to the monitors and docks best suited to their preferred desktop or laptop.
  • Look and style can be a factor not just performance. A monitor array in reception or a consultants laptop used for presentations.
  • They like to see their potential purchase with full details before they buy.

So in response, we have developed and online store for the exclusive use of Article 5 cliental. Clients can browse and buy systems and peripherals at leisure with competitive pricing, with purchase options using credit card or invoice. On enquiry, we can send you links for recommended products grouped by role based features and performance with with images and full details of products.

Minimal touch refers to the minimal effort required to setup new devices in your organisation. Computers and devices for organisations under managed service agreements will arrive pre-configured ready to go into operation. We update and configure devices and install any required apps under governance of your company cybersecurity policy. On delivery devices can be handed straight to users where we remotely assist them to securely sign in and finalise setup. This is an efficient and economical delivery of new systems and hardware, but of course, clients have the option of a technician attending onsite.

Desktop systems, laptops and hybrid tablets

Looking at replacement laptop but struggle with listed technical details you’re somehow expected to understand? Select from a range of desktops and laptops grouped on role and workload, not just banal specifications.

  • Systems bundles are offered with monitors and docks best matched for function and performance.
  • Visual styles, weight and portability are searchable factors
  • Extend manufacturers and warranties available


Explore the future of visual computing with our collection of monitors that boast the most innovative features. Whether you’re a graphics designer seeking a lightning-fast 360Hz refresh rate monitor, a creative professional in need of a 4K Ultra HD display for precise colour accuracy, or someone who works with immersive entertainment, we have it all. Discover monitors equipped with OLED technology for true-to-life contrast ratios and inky blacks, or embrace the world of curved monitors that envelop you in a panoramic view. Plus, our range includes monitors with adaptive sync technology for seamless and USB-C connectivity for versatile device compatibility. Elevate your computing setup with monitors that represent the pinnacle of modern technology and design.

Peripherals and Accessories

Peripherals include a range of keyboards and mice, docks, web cams, headphones, portable USB storage drives and other workstation accessories.

Printer Copiers

Article 5 are not in the business of supplying commercial printer photocopiers, considering those best left to specialist vendors. But we do offer a range of smaller SMB multifunction printer copiers suited to less intensive workloads or smaller operations. We can also source label and receipt printers as required.