Working Remotely

Mobile operations and working from home

Does any of the following affect your organisation?

  • Private phones stored with valuable company contacts that leave with the employee
  • Worried about private phones and tablets used for work that may be compromised?
  • Devices used for work not protected with a pin code or bio locks?
  • Company phones setup with multiple Apple or Google accounts which are a nightmare to track and manage?
  • Employees purchasing and or downloading gratuitous apps they waste time on?

The solution is centralized management of mobile devices is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. MDM offers a plethora of benefits, especially in an era where the use of smartphones and tablets in professional environments is ubiquitous. In fact many don’t fully appreciate that mobile phones like computers are subject to compromise by malicious actors and malware. They are, because mobile phones and tablets are computers themselves albeit smaller versions.

Article 5 specialize in MDM solutions using a combination of Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Intune. Here are some of the primary benefits to consider using an MDM solution

Remote Configuration

Devices can be pre-configured with the necessary settings, apps and credentials even before they reach the end-user, ensuring a seamless setup experience for employees. Individual accounts are replaced with a single account belonging to the organisation.
Employees can be blocked from purchasing and/or installing apps or changing settings. MDM platforms allow for the distribution, updating, and removal of company-approved applications. This ensures employees have the tools they need and that unauthorized or potentially harmful apps are kept at bay.

Security and Compliance

MDM solutions allow administrators to enforce security policies across devices, ensuring that company data is kept secure. Features such as remote wiping, encryption, and the ability to lock lost or stolen devices protect sensitive information.
For industries that are governed by strict regulations (like finance or healthcare), MDM systems ensure that all mobile devices comply with necessary standards and policies, thereby reducing legal and security risks.

BYOD – Bring your own device

Two phones are a pain a key reason many companies allow the use of personal devices to access company data. That of course and the cost. MDM solutions enable companies to implement secure BYOD policies. Employees can use their personal devices for work purposes without compromising company data integrity or security. As with company owned devices, features include remote wiping, encryption, and the ability to lock lost or stolen devices protecting IP without accessing any personal data and information belonging to the owner.

Unified experience

Regardless of the device type or operating system, MDM allows organizations to provide a consistent experience for users, ensuring that they have access to the same resources and applications..
With the ability to remotely troubleshoot issues, guide users, and even reset or configure devices from a distance, MDM can significantly reduce the costs and time associated with mobile device support

Centralized Control

centralized dashboard from which they can monitor and manage all devices. This centralized view makes it easier to implement policies, push updates, or address potential threats.
MDM solutions provide detailed reports on device usage, compliance, security incidents

In summary, MDM solutions offer organizations a streamlined, secure, and efficient way to manage the growing fleet of mobile devices in the workplace, balancing productivity needs with security imperatives.