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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 encompasses a comprehensive collection of online tools and services designed to cater to the operational needs of contemporary organizations across various sectors, including SMBs, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. Notably, it has democratized access to advanced security and compliance features that were previously accessible primarily to large corporations, extending these capabilities even to sole traders.

What happened to Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office was once Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc. Then Office 365, and now Microsoft 365? It can be quite confusing. We untangle the history and the current lineup of these traditional products in our blog

How Microsoft 365 is sold

Microsoft 365 can be perceived as a multifaceted platform with various solutions, some of which offer similar functionalities and can be integrated for enhanced capabilities. Additionally, the platform undergoes continuous development and expansion. To navigate this complexity effectively, Microsoft offers tools for tailoring integrations to align with specific operational needs. Consequently, we’ve organized the products into categories based on their core functions, with all products associated with these fundamental services. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s full potential, we recommend engaging in a conversation with one of our Article 5 consultants.

Core Products

Communication, file storage, content sharing and collaboration

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