The difference between Google Chrome and Google Search

Google Chrome and Google Search are not the same thing

Google Search

Google Search is a search engine and its job is to search the internet for answers to items you entered into the search box as depicted below. The Google Search tool or specifically can be displayed in any web browser. Google Search is where the company made its bones being the first to offer search listings for free as opposed to paid listings their competitors promoted at the time. The strategy paid off with Google now an iconic brand and a multi-billion dollar global company. The main competitor to Google Search today is Microsoft Bing though others are there like Yahoo and the more recent DuckDuckGo.

Some today are still unaware of the difference between Google Search and Google Chrome. Google Search and Google Chrome are two distinct products developed by Google, but they are often used in conjunction with each other. So to clear that up this is what you need to know.

Web browsers

A web browser allows you to browse the Internet and display web pages. You can type a URL into the address bar to contact and display a web page. Browsers have tools built into them like Favourite’s to save web pages and Spellcheck. They have add-ins or extensions that bring advanced functionality. But the tool used most by far is the search engine. A search engine allows you to search and find the websites you’re looking for and there are billions of them. The most popular web browsers were Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows and Safari for Macs. Internet Explorer has been retired from new versions of Windows replaced with Microsoft Edge.

Enter Google Chrome

In this time Google Chrome arrived now dominating the market as the most preferred browser worldwide. Google Chrome was preceded by its core cousin, Google Search. Google Chrome was developed by Google to complement its search engine and its new online services like Google Docs. Web browsers at this point in time had a problem. They were all built on proprietary technologies