“Always deliver more than expected”
Larry Page

Hello and welcome. Article 5 is a Brisbane based company servicing South East Queensland delivering comprehensive IT solutions and managed services. We recognize that technology serves as the backbone of modern enterprises, and our mission is to deliver smooth, efficient and secure operations of IT infrastructure. Our primary focus revolves around empowering businesses with our expertise in Microsoft 365, complimented with a range of services, including seamless technology support and cyber awareness workshops. We also operate a carefully curated online store offering computer systems and hardware customized to your specific needs. Our dedicated team of professionals combines cutting-edge solutions with personalized service, providing you with a unique blend of support.
Join us in navigating the digital landscape with confidence and staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technological world.

IT Support

We deliver IT support under two models, Managed IT support and On-Demand IT support
Managed IT Support
For a fixed monthly fee, we take care of all your technology needs, from software updates and security patches, and cybersecurity monitoring to hardware maintenance and user support.
On-Demand IT support
Instead of regular, ongoing support, you can call on us as needed, whether it’s for a specific issue, a technology upgrade, or just some expert advice.

“If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions they will be moved to act.”
Bill Gates

Cybersecurity policy

In the wake of cyber attacks companies are now seeking data protection insurance to protect them against against potential litigation should personal data be breached by malicious actors, for example ransomware. As many are learning insurance companies are demanding more robust protocols in place, wanting to know how exactly you manage and protect customer data and intellectual property. For this your organisation needs to formalize a cybersecurity policy which works hand in hand with your IT support team. But where to start? Article 5 assist all our clients designing and implementing a cybersecurity policy and conjunction support policies. These delivers a benchmark on how your organisation operates moving forward.

Mobile device management

Are you tasked with managing company mobile phones with multiple Apple and Google ID’s? Are you as an owner concerned with company contacts and IP stored on private mobile phones and tablets?
If so we have solutions in this space.

  • Manage company devices from a single ID.
  • Restrict app installs and usage by employees
  • Monitor both company and private device security for compliance
  • Prevent company data leakage and access by other apps

Cybersecurity Awareness

In today’s interconnected world, your business’s digital front door is just as critical as the physical one. Every staff member from the receptionist to the CEO, acts as a gatekeeper to a world of sensitive data and proprietary information. Without proper cybersecurity awareness training for your team, you’re essentially leaving that door wide open for malicious intruders. Investing in cybersecurity training isn’t just about preventing breaches—it’s about safeguarding your business reputation, protecting your customer trust, and ensuring continuity in an era where cyber threats evolve daily. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need, and transform them from potential vulnerabilities into your first line of digital defence. Talk to Article 5 today about our online training programs.

“Mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services. The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first.”
Eric Schmidt

5G Internet

5G offers remarkable speed and reduced latency with the added advantage of wireless connectivity, allowing users to connect from almost anywhere, making it highly suitable for businesses with mobile and remote operational needs.
5G is also a viable alternative to fixed-line services via the NBN, eliminating the necessity of costly cabling in and around your premises. There are advantages and disadvantages to 5G and fixed line connections.

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road”
Steward Brand

Artificial Intelligence – Ai

Ai is a new frontier for businesses. Just as the internet transformed how we do business in the late 20th and early 21st century, Ai is set to reshape the business landscape in numerous ways. From automating routine tasks to predicting market trends, and even creating new types of products and services, the potential is vast.
By synthesizing and learning from diverse data pools, AI empowers businesses to innovate and create in ways previously unimaginable, leading to the development of solutions that are more responsive to consumer desires and market demands. However, navigating this frontier comes with its unique set of challenges and ethical considerations, necessitating a balanced and responsible approach to unleashing AI’s transformative power in the business realm.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs

The Right Kit

Good quality hardware and software enable businesses to run operations smoothly, reducing the likelihood of technical glitches, downtime and security breaches, all of which can have detrimental effects on time and money. At Article 5, we think of computers and accessories in two ways. Power and performance is primary, followed by their look and feel – what you see and what your customers see. That’s why we’ve put together an online store exclusively for Article 5 clients. Products are grouped according to profession and workload as opposed to tech-laden specifications many don’t understand. Accessories such as monitors and docks are correctly matched with options for style not just function.